About Us

Welcome to @SIXTY-FIVE

A beautiful, modern & stylish Award Winning Salon, situated on the outskirts of Barnstaple, North Devon.
We offer a wide variety of Hair & Beauty Treatments within the Salon including Facial Aesthetics, SPMU, Massage & also hold a Bowen Clinic with Patrick Matthews every Thursday.
Our talented team of Therapists & Stylists, hold a wealth of knowledge & experience. They are always updating their skills to bring you the very best services & products they possibly can.
We cater for all ages, male & female, your treatment choices are endless.
All our staff our self employed, you can find out about your chosen Therapist or Stylist under the “Meet the Team” section of our website.
Our team take regular training in First Aid, Medical Emergencies & CPD hours.
We hope you enjoy our site & we look forward to welcoming you into our sanctuary!
With Love

 HYGIENE & Safe Practice

Working with and throughout Covid-19 was a challenge. We worked in line with government guidance throughout the pandemic. Now that regulations have changed and we are navigating through the other side of the pandemic, our covid policies have now been relaxed, meaning that mask wearing is no longer required and we are no longer required to screen or decline for a positive case, however we do ask that you respect our staff and wear a mask should you feel a little under the weather. You’ll find some staff will be wearing masks as they did prior to coronavirus as they work in close proximity of the face, mask wearing also protects us from breathing in nail dust.

Our Hygiene policies have always been tight, regardless of coronavirus. Each station within the salon is sanitised between clients, including door handles and communal areas.

Our treatment rooms are kitted out to a clinical environment, with a sink and all wipeable surfaces. For Aesthetic & SPMU treatments you’ll find a bare beauty couch, for massage and general beauty treatments you can relax on a heated covered couch, with all fabric being washed at 60 degrees.

We are a licensed salon with our local council & our practitioners also hold personal licenses.

All tools & apparatus are single use where possible and the reusable items are disinfected and sanitised between each and every use.

The Salon undergoes a deep clean every week, ensuring everything is clean and sparkly.

We are fully in line with UK Government guidelines. Full salon risk assessments have been done on all treatments & equipment and  are available by request for our clients to read.  

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