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Kaeso Natural Professional Beauty Products

Kaeso is a natural and professional brand, consisting primarily of vegan products that leave every skin type smooth, fresh and enriched. Kaeso originated through a desire to create a unique beauty experience and is formulated with the finest ingredients, sourcing proven and effective botanical extracts that are renowned for their true benefits to every skin type.

The Kaeso ethos is to combine naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver quality professional products. All products are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil and avoids any harsh chemicals.

The collection now spans a wide range of products and meets all beauty treatment requirements, covering Beauty, Body, Wax Care, Facials, Manicure, Pedicure and Aromatherapy. With an array of luscious aromas from relaxing Cotton & Mallow to energising Mandarin & Black Pepper, Kaeso delivers effective products which address individual preferences and skin’s changing needs, thus enhancing the salon/spa experience for both therapist and client.

Olaplex Hair Breakage Insurance

THE ULTIMATE BREAKAGE INSURANCE What makes OLAPLEX the worldwide phenomena that it is, is its patented active ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. It works on the hair internally to seek out and repair broken disulphide bonds caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical and environmental damage. You can use OLAPLEX to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

All hair can become compromised over time from environmental, lifestyle, or age. The structural integrity also known as bonds can become weakened due to these effects. OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken bonds from within repairing, protecting and strengthening hair. Turn dry, brittle and damaged hair into silky, smooth, vibrant hair with OLAPLEX.

The Original Bond Builder You can use OLAPLEX to restore all hair types, regardless of the damage it has. Chemical services are taken to a whole new level when OLAPLEX is added to them, creating hair that is in better condition after the service than before. All of the products in the OLAPLEX line are Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Colour-Safe, Vegan and NEVER tested on animals! Using the OLAPLEX System The OLAPLEX service is a two-step in-salon service with 6 retail products your clients can take home to maintain and strengthen their hair’s condition. OLAPLEX is compatible with all hair colour ranges.

Brow Oil

A combination of high quality natural oils, Ricinus communis (100% Cold Pressed Castor Oil), Prunus Anygdoius Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil. Benefits:- Strengthens & Nourishes the Brows. Adds a Gloss/Shine. Encourages healthy Brow Growth. This product must NOT be used on Lash Extensions as it will affect the bond.

Bottle Size – 10ml Colour – Clear

Dadi Oil Nail Treatment

Dadi’Oil is a luxurious natural oil which helps treat weak, brittle nails. The 95% Certified Organical Dadi’Oil Nail Treatment is made up of more than 20 naturally derived ingredients and essential oils, expertly blended to deliver flexibility and toughness to the nail, deeply moisturising the cuticle and surrounding skin. Famous Names Dadi’Oil is a multi-award winning products and has just won the 2020 Readers Choice for Best Cuticle Oil.

Ruff Stuff Body Scrub & Oil

Ruff Stuff Scrub had originally been specifically created to combat common problems associated with body waxing, but it’s not just for waxing clients! It’s also fantastic for anyone looking for glowing, smooth, healthy looking skin.

Ruff Stuff Scrub is intended to be used every day; exfoliating daily with a gentle product can be far more beneficial for the skin than over exfoliating with too much vigour once or twice a week. It’s almost impossible to over exfoliate with Ruff Stuff Scrub as the sugar crystals will begin to dissolve as they encounter damp skin, allowing you just the time needed to slough off any dead skin without damaging the delicate layer below.

Ruff Stuff Scrubs have a Coconut oil base which is naturally Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antimicrobial and packed full of skin loving Vitamin E to leave your freshly exfoliated skin feeling hydrated and healthy. The Essential Oil blends for all 3 scrubs have been carefully chosen, not just for their pleasing aroma but for their skin protecting qualities, you won’t find any synthetic perfumes in our tubs!